Ethical rules are the standards that define the truths, honesty, and justice principles accepted and adhered to by an individual or society. These rules are generally based on moral values and establish the standards that should be followed in people's interactions with each other. Here are some basic facts about ethical rules:

1. Universal Characteristic

- Ethical rules are generally universal and are not bound to cultures or geographies. Basic values such as human rights, honesty, and justice exemplify the universality of ethical rules.

2. Social Agreement

- Ethical rules are usually accepted and approved by members of a society. The values, norms, and expectations of society influence the formation of ethical rules.

3. Personal and Professional Ethics

- Ethical rules may include both individuals' personal behaviors and the rules that specific professional groups are expected to follow. For example, physicians are expected to adhere to medical ethical rules.

4. Flexibility and Change

- Ethical rules can change over time and may vary in different cultures or periods. For example, ethical rules regarding gender roles or human rights may change as social norms change over time.

5. Consequences of Violation

- Failure to comply with ethical rules generally results in negative consequences. These consequences may include personal guilt, social exclusion, legal sanctions, or loss of reputation.

6. Dynamic Structure

- Ethical rules can adapt or evolve as the needs and values of society change. Therefore, the flexibility and continuous review of ethical rules are important.

7. Conflicts and Gray Areas

- Occasionally, there may be conflicts or uncertainties among ethical rules. These situations often reflect the complexity and diversity of ethical issues.

These pieces of information provide a basic framework for understanding the general characteristics and importance of ethical rules. Respecting ethical values and adhering to these rules play a critical role in the healthy functioning of societies and strengthening human relationships.