From Past to Present, MEPSAN

As of the end of 2025, we will continue to operate in our new factory in the Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone.

Global Trade

New Countries

Quality Concept

Defense and Automotive

In 2018, Mepsan expanded internationally with new agreements. In 2019, with the automation of the stamping process, the company reached 6 different countries within a year. By 2022, Mepsan had expanded to 14 different countries, becoming a valued supplier with over 100 machines, 90 employees, and a commitment to excellent quality. In 2023, Mepsan incorporated as Defense Industry and Automotive Inc.

Growth Process

Plastik Plastic Parts Production

IATF 16949 Certification

In 1996, Mepsan commenced investments, initiating a growth process. In 2022, plastic part production began with the initiation of the plastic injection project. In 2011, Mepsan's quality system was certified with the IATF 16949 certification.


The company was established with 5 machines and 8 employees.