Our basic Human Resources policy is to select, develop, evaluate, and manage human resources according to contemporary standards and the principle of equal opportunity for everyone by bringing together the requirements of the job with the skills and competencies of the employees.

The purpose of the Human Resources Policy is to focus on the Company's goals, laying solid foundations for future years by maintaining the dynamic structure of the organization, ensuring that employees are happy, motivated, and open to continuous development.

Human Resources management is responsible for creating a dynamic, open, and innovative environment to enhance employees' performance, aligning corporate goals with individual objectives, establishing an effective, efficient, and motivated organization, thereby supporting the Company's goals effectively.

The human resources department aims to prioritize the development of its employees by organizing training programs within the organization, creating a career plan that will ensure personal development in line with Company needs and employee capacity. Furthermore, another aim is to have a workforce that is open to change and development, highly motivated for success, believing in teamwork and team spirit, demonstrating enhanced loyalty to the Company, utilizing resources and time efficiently, while also being highly sensitive to social responsibility.

In accordance with the above objectives, goals, and policies of MEPSAN Defense Industry and Automotive Inc. Human Resources:

  • Prioritizes the personal and professional development of all employees at all levels in line with the Company's goals and strategies.
  • Continues to contribute to the Company's goals such as "productivity" and "profitability" by ensuring the continuous development of our employees.
  • Provides equal opportunities in managing their careers for our employees.
  • Ensures equal opportunities in the recruitment process, prioritizing merit without discrimination based on gender, religion, language, race, ethnicity, age, disability, and refugee status.
  • Improves working standards in the value chain process, determines fair work distribution and wages.
  • Particularly considers low-income groups and women regarding equal opportunities, being sensitive to environmental and social factors.
  • Investigates and prevents workplace and human rights violations, particularly those stemming from managers within the departments.
  • Takes necessary measures to prevent child labor and employment of personnel without work permits.
  • Maximizes the productivity of our employees through career planning, and trains managerial candidates within our organization.
  • Follows a transparent and open management policy to establish reliable and effective interaction with employees.
  • Organizes necessary trainings and takes measures regarding occupational health and safety.
  • Protects the personal data of employees.
  • Enhances individual and team performance through continuous improvement processes and systems, and rewards outstanding performance.
  • Establishes a competitive structure within the organization by creating an innovative, productive, and passionate workforce.
  • Upholds the rights of employees, such as compensation, benefits, union rights, and solutions for work-life balance, and connects relevant processes to procedures.
  • Establishes mechanisms for the resolution of employee complaints and disputes. Determines these processes.
  • Organizes activities to ensure employee satisfaction and Company loyalty.
  • Formulates, explains, and monitors the Company Ethics Policy.
  • Organizes activities within the scope of social investment and corporate social responsibility.
  • Informs employees about Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) practices.