Laser Press Brake Welding Line

Laser systems are designed to maximize your capacity in laser cutting processes. These systems are a group of machines that involve transferring materials cut in the laser machine to the press brake bending area first.

Laser Cutting Machine (4 kW)
Press Brake Machine (2 pieces)
Laser Welding (2 pieces / 3 kW ve 1,5 kW)
TiG Welding (2 pieces)
Ark Welding (6 pieces)

Metal Production Line

Metal part production systems consist of production lines that process sheet materials to form different shapes and forms. Parts for the automotive and defense industries are examples of things produced in these systems.

250 Ton Press (2 pieces)
150 Ton Press (1 pieces)
125 Ton Press (1 pieces)
100 Ton Press (1 pieces)
80 Ton Press (4 pieces)
20-80 Ton Press (8 pieces)
Automatic Stamping Driver (10 pieces)

Plastic Production Line

The plastic production line is the assembly of advanced machines designed to convert raw plastic materials into finished products. This process involves melting plastic granules or pellets and transforming them into products or sheets that meet various industrial needs.

160 Ton Plastic Injection Machine (4 pieces)
200 Ton Robotic System Plastic Injection Machine (2 pieces)
80 Ton Plastic Injection Machine (2 pieces)
Drying machine

Mould Shop

We produce all our molds within Teknorot using the latest technology machines and software in our mould shop. Computer-aided engineering software; multiple programs tailored to each for sheet forming and hot forging are used. This allows for very successful mold designs to be made in one go.

SolidWorks and Catia for 3D Design
AutoCAD for 2D Design
4-Wire Erosion Machine
Lathe and Milling Machines
Drilling machine
10 Workers + 1 Designer


We are committed to maintaining the highest level of quality. Therefore, we continuously improve our quality control and assurance processes. We use the latest technology to ensure customer satisfaction and embrace a principle of continuous improvement.

Mitutoyo 3D CMM
Profile Projection
Digital Surface Gauge
Rockwell Hardness Test Device (HRC/HRB)
Coating Thickness Control Device
100% Automatic Separation Machine